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Our Self Care Schools Poster Competition is now closed. Thank you for all your entries!


Self Care Schools Poster Competition Entries



Calling all primary school teachers in Colchester and Tendring. We've got a challenge for you!

Our Self Care Schools Poster Competition is open to all primary school classes from Year 1-6 in north east Essex. We're asking teachers to get their whole class involved by creating awesome posters that raise awareness of self-care.

The competition


Whether they're using pencils, PCs or an iPad - we want your whole class to design posters. We’re then inviting you, their teacher, to submit the best of the bunch. Entries close on 1 November, after which our panel of judges will pick a winning entry from each year group.

Enter here! Entries are open from 16 September - 1 November

You can submit your entry via the form on this page or by emailing it to neeccg.comms@nhs.net.

When you submit your class's entry, you'll be able to download a participation certificate. You could display this in your classroom or personalise copies to send home with each student.

You can also post your class’s submission to:

NHS North East Essex CCG
Aspen House
Stephenson Road
Severalls Business Park

Please include the name of the school, class and contact email address and phone number.


What is self care?


Self-care means taking responsibility for your own health and wellbeing, and acting in the right way to maintain or improve it. For the NHS to be able to care for future generations, we need as many people as possible to engage in self care. But to do this, we know you need access to the necessary knowledge and tools.

This includes knowing how to self-treat common minor aliments such as grazes, coughs or colds. And having the kit you need ready-to-go in your medicine cabinet. It also means knowing which health professional to turn to if you need help.

We don't think children are ever too young to start learning about self-care. After all, it's a skill for life that will help keep them happy and healthy.


What our judges are looking for


Our judges include Sarah Westall, Senior Pharmacy Technician at the CCG and Karen Samuel-Smith from the Essex Local Pharmacy Committee. They’ll be looking for creativity and visual appeal when judging the posters, as well as a demonstration that the student has understood the main principles of self-care.

Key messages that your students could focus on include:  

  • think ‘pharmacy-first’ for minor illnesses, such as aches and pains, coughs and colds, sore throats, earache, upset tummies, skin rashes and teething.
  • keep a small stock of medicines at home to treat minor illnesses
  • there’s no need to see your GP for minor illnesses, as you can buy the medicines you need over the counter

Here are some example posters that our Medicines Management team have put together (we’re sure your students can do better..!)

Self Care Schools Poster Competition

The prize


We will announce the winners on our website in November. We’ll also notify them via their schools.

The winners will be invited to a presentation ceremony at Clacton Fire Station on Saturday 23 November. As well as formally receiving their certificate, they'll have the chance to explore the fire station, as well as taking a tour of Colchester's SOS first aid bus. We'll also train the winning students to give CPR, which they can practice on our resuscitation dolls, and teach them some basic first aid.

They’ll also take home a bag of goodies, kindly donated by Open Road Colchester.

How we’ll use the posters


We’ll host the submitted posters on our website, post them on social media and use them in newsletters, press releases and printed materials to help raise awareness of self-care and celebrate Self-Care Week (18 – 24 November).

Submit your class's entry!


Contact us with your queries


If you have any questions about self-care, our Self-care Schools Poster Competition, or how and where to access local health services, please email us at neeccg.enquiries@nhs.net

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