The North East Essex Clinical Commissioning Group was statutorily abolished on the 1 July 2022 and replaced by NHS Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care Board (ICB).
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Contracts with our healthcare providers

One of the other key functions of  NHS North East Essex CCG is to monitor the contracts for health services that have been set up to ensure that providers are meeting the quality standards and activity levels that have been set.

North East Essex CCG holds contracts for healthcare services with a number of different providers; including hospital trusts, community and mental health trusts and ambulance trusts. The CCG also contracts or has Grant Arrangements with other organisations from the independent sector, voluntary sector and local hospices, who also provide treatment and healthcare to North East Essex residents.  The NHS Standard Contract is mandated by NHS England for use by commissioners for all contracts for healthcare services other than primary care (including GP Out of Hours) and Grant Agreements. Details of the national standard contract are available on the NHS England website.

A list of the CCG’s current contracts with healthcare providers, detailing current providers along with the services they provide and the contract value, as well as start and end date, will soon be available from the contract database. Please note however that this will be a dynamic document and as such, subject to frequent change and correction.

If you have any queries about these contracts, please contact

Patient experience - how our providers are performing


Our providers have a responsibility to ensure our patients receive a positive experience. They must also give patients and public the opportunity to have their say. (Read the relevant clauses from the NHS Standard Contract here). We as a CCG monitor how our providers are fulfilling this obligation. This is done through regular quality and contract meetings, in which our providers produce their findings for the period. The CCG reviews this information, and provides recommendations for improvements when necessary.

Our Health Forum Committee (a patient group) is also involved in overseeing how our providers are fulfilling their public involvement obligations. Sue Rhys-Jones is a patient representative who sits on the CCG's Quality Committee. Sue has the chance to review our providers' public engagement reports and provide feedback in response. Sue also presents 'Word on the Street' reports, produced in conjunction with the Health Forum Committee, to the Quality Committee. These reports provide feedback that the Health Forum Committee has received from the public on their experience as patients, when being treated by our providers.

You can access the results of these quality and contract meetings via the below documents. If you have any questions regarding this process, please do get in touch with us at

Provider - East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust


November 2019 - ESNEFT Integrated Patient Safety and Experience Report

October 2019 - ESNEFT Integrated Patient Safety and Experience Report

September 2019 - ESNEFT Integrated Patient Safety and Experience Report

August 2019 - ESNEFT Integrated Patient Safety and Experience Report

July 2019 - ESNEFT Integrated Patient Safety and Experience Report

June 2019 - ESNEFT Integrated Patient Safety and Experience Report

May 2019 - ESNEFT Integrated Patient Safety and Experience Report

April 2019 - ESNEFT Integrated Patient Safety and Experience Report

NHS Standard Contract - clauses on public engagement


Service Condition 3:

3.4 The Provider must continually review and evaluate the Services, must implement Lessons Learned from those reviews and evaluations, from feedback, complaints, Patient Safety Incidents and Never Events, and from the involvement of Service Users, Staff, GPs and the public (including the outcomes of Surveys), and must demonstrate at Review Meetings the extent to which Service improvements have been made as a result and how these have been communicated to Service Users, their Carers, GPs and the public.

SC12 Communicating with and involving Service Users, Public and Staff

12.1 The Provider must:

12.1.1 arrange and carry out all necessary steps in a Service User’s care and treatment promptly and in a manner consistent with the relevant Service Specifications and Quality Requirements until such point as the Service User can appropriately be discharged in accordance with the Transfer of and Discharge from Care Protocols;

12.1.2 ensure that Staff work effectively and efficiently together, across professional and Service boundaries, to manage their interactions with Service Users so as to ensure that they experience co-ordinated, high quality care without unnecessary duplication of process;

12.1.3 notify the Service User (and, where appropriate, their Carer and/or Legal Guardian) of the results of all investigations and treatments promptly and in a readily understandable, functional, clinically appropriate and cost effective manner; and

12.1.4 communicate in a readily understandable, functional and timely manner with the Service User (and, where appropriate, their Carer and/or Legal Guardian), their GP and other providers about all relevant aspects of the Service User’s care and treatment.

12.2 The Provider must:

12.2.1 provide Service Users (in relation to their own care) and Referrers (in relation to the care of an individual Service User) with clear information in respect of each Service about who to contact if they have questions about their care and how to do so;

12.2.2 ensure that there are efficient arrangements in place in respect of each Service for responding promptly and effectively to such questions and that these are publicised to Service Users and Referrers using all appropriate means, including appointment and admission letters and on the Provider’s website; and

12.2.3 wherever possible, deal with such questions from Service Users itself, and not by advising the Service User to speak to their Referrer.

12.3 The Provider must comply with the Accessible Information Standard.

12.4 The Provider must actively engage, liaise and communicate with Service Users (and, where appropriate, their Carers and Legal Guardians), Staff, GPs and the public in an open and clear manner in accordance with the Law and Good Practice, seeking their feedback whenever practicable.

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