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Contracts with our healthcare providers

One of the other key functions of  NHS North East Essex CCG is to monitor the contracts for health services that have been set up to ensure that providers are meeting the quality standards and activity levels that have been set.

North East Essex CCG holds contracts for healthcare services with a number of different providers; including hospital trusts, community and mental health trusts and ambulance trusts. The CCG also contracts or has Grant Arrangements with other organisations from the independent sector, voluntary sector and local Hospices, who also provide treatment and healthcare to North East Essex residents.  The NHS Standard Contract is mandated by NHS England for use by commissioners for all contracts for healthcare services other than primary care (including GP Out of Hours) and Grant Agreements. Details of the national standard contract are available on the NHS England website.

A list of the CCG’s current contracts with healthcare providers, detailing current providers along with the services they provide and the contract start and end date (contract values to be added shortly), is available from the contract database. Please note however that this is a dynamic document and as such is subject to frequent change and correction.

If you have any queries about these contracts, please contact NEECCG.enquiries@nhs.net

Contractual sanctions applied by commissioners

Public reporting of contractual sanctions applied by commissioners

In accordance with the National NHS Standard Technical Guidance and to ensure greater transparency on the application of sanctions, commissioners must now publish details of any financial sanctions due and applied for each of their main providers for failure to achieve national contractual standards.  This information will be reported quarterly for all sanctions that exceed £1000 in the reporting period in line with national guidance. Where a sanction is only applied annually, the position will only be reported annually in the final Quarter 4 report.

2015-16 Sanctions

2016-17 Sanctions

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